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David InterContinental Tel Aviv

ECOMMERCE 2022 summit brings together over 1,000 managersand decision makers in the eCommerce field

GO Ecommerce 2022 - Pictures Gallery from the Event at 31.5.2022

The Israeli eCommerce industry is going bigger and stronger from year to year; new brands are joining the field, international eCommerce players are recognizing the massive local self-import, local websites use it as a gate to the global market and innovative technologies are strengthening our status as the “Start-up Nation”
Alongside the big opportunities there are also big challenges: the competition with the international websites, fulfilling the buyer’s requirements- who expects everything right here- right know, building the optimal user journey, that will engage with the user in every point of it, recognizing new trends and keeping up with the fast pace of the technological innovations, choosing the right suppliers and more

ECOMMERCE 2022 Summit will deal with the fascinating aspects of the most thriving industry in Israel, and will showcase latest trends & forecasts, innovative solutions and breaking-through technologies

The summit includes professional panel discussions, local & international keynote speakers, and 3 content tracks which lay out practical tools necessary to future growth and success within the industry
Throughout the event, various providers will present their eCommerce solutions at the main exhibition hall
In addition, the Innovation Zone will host both startups & companies presenting their breaking through technologies


Target Audience

The summit will host CEOs, VPs, Executive Directors, Senior Managers, Brands owner , Amazon Sellers Entrepreneurs, Investors, and decision makers in the following fields: eCommerce r Retail • Trade • Digital • Marketing • Sales • Technology • Procurement & Operations • SMB

Content Tracks




Personalization Smart Tools

Logistics & International Operation


Launching an online brands

Optimize  a store in Amazon

Found your loss money


Exit Yours brands

Finance Solutions




Personalization & retention

Increasing traffic

Marketing & CRO


UI & website design


Last mile delivery

Cross border solutions

Logistics & inventory management

Taxation & Vat

World-wide shipping

International payment platforms


Presentation format: Case Study / Best Practice only, subject to final approval of the advisory board

GO eCommerce - הכנס השנתי של הסחר האלקטרוני - 2022

מלון דיוויד אינטרקונטיננטל תל אביב | 31.5.2022 | מניויורק, מלונדון ומישראל - כולם היו בועידת הסחר הגדולה בתחום הסחר האלקטרוני

Avital Chitrit

Conference Director

Avital Chitrit
Conference Director

Ben Mitelman

Conference Host

Ben Mitelman
Conference Host

Photos from last year's conference

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