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The 9th Israel Conference on Infrastructure and
Transportation Industry Energy | technologies Real estate

  moderated by Ms. Amalia Doak, television presenter and economy reporter
of the isreali TV  news company - chanel 12

conference of business leaders in the sign of companies that constitute national pride

SE  in collaboration with the Tefen consulting group are proud to present for the 9th time the annual conference for infrastructure and industry in isreal
The conference will focus on the main infrastructures and the leading industries

  Transportation ⧫ Energy ⧫ Technologies ⧫ innovations

The purpose of the conference is to hold a fruitful, professional and business meeting between the most influential factors in the economy
Among the speakers will be senior officials of the infrastructure sector, transportation, energy, technologies, real estate, and industry in isreal
Participants were
  senior officials from the government ministries: energy, transportation, industry, environmental quality and finance 

Prepare the infrastructure and fill up with energy

Review of last year's conference

Agenda - conference 2022

Agenda - conference 2022

Video Review of The 9th conference for infrastructure and industry

Photos from past conferences

Review of the Israel Conferences for Infrastructure and Industry

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