GO Ecommerce 2024 – Israel’s eCommerce Summit

David InterContinental Tel Aviv



The Go eCommerce 2024 Summit is the leading Summit in the region, its brings together over 1,000 managers and decision makers
This is an incredible opportunity to face the world's top suppliers. And take your business to the next level

Why should you attend


For ten years in a row, the Go Ecommerce conference is well-known As a producer of business connections and amazing business opportunities


An opportunity to meet all ecommerce merchants in one place! Top speakers and industry leaders share their expertise


Get actionable tactics to grow your business


Get to speak to industry leaders, speakers, and experts Learn to improve sales and run highly profitable ad campaigns in the industry

The target audience of the conference

Ecommerce Sellers | Ecommerce store owners

CEOs, VPs ,executives in e-commerce

Brand owners Amazon entrepreneur and seller

Investors and decision makers in a variety of fields


Sales and Marketing

operation procurement

Advertising and digital

? What’s happening in 2024

The eCommerce industry is getting bigger and stronger from year to year; new brands are joining the field. Alongside the significant opportunities, there are also big challenges: The competition with international websites, The geopolitical changes in the world that affect the industry Dealing with the recession and commodity crisis the need to produce differentiation, fast logistics solutions Dealing with UX in a market subject to constant change Etc

will deal with the fascinating aspects of the most thriving industry, and will showcase latest trends & forecasts, innovative solutions and breaking-through technologies. We will help you become the Master Entrepreneur

The summit includes professional panel discussions, local & international keynote speakers, and 3 content tracks which lay out practical tools necessary to future growth and success within the industry. Throughout the event, various providers will present their eCommerce solutions at the main exhibition hall.

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Where Key Decision Makers Do Business

Sponsorship Opportunities

Get premium exposure to over 1,000 ecommerce experts, managers and decision makers in the eCommerce field

excellent opportunity to create business relationships and receive leads from a segmented audience
that is the stamp of your target audience

Generate new sales leads, establish new channel partnerships, and increase brand awareness for your business

Build and develop your database

Deliver additional value through in-booth client consultations and education

Stay competitive and exhibit with the best in the industry

Additional benefits for joining the Summit :

Preliminary publications for 70,000 businesses
xposure to 1,500 businesses on the day of the conference
The conference receives a massive PR

Content Tracks




Personalization Smart Tools

Logistics & International Operation


Launching an online brands

Optimize  a store in

Found your loss money


Exit Yours brands

Finance Solutions




& retention




UI &
website design


Last mile delivery

border solutions

& inventory management

Taxation & Vat

World-wide shipping

International payment platforms



Presentation format: Case Study / Best Practice only, subject to final approval of the advisory board


DIAMOND (3 companies max)

48,000 $


Video and photo coverage

Promotional materials in attendee bags

Electronic newsletter to attendees after summit

Branding opportunity including production

 15min. lecture in the morning assembly

Participation in one of the panel discussions

Enlarged exhibition space (4X4)

Largest logo in publications

Participation in the summit’s video coverage

PR and promotion





26,000 $


Video and photo coverage

Promotional materials in attendee bags

Electronic newsletter to attendees after summit  10%discount on branding opportunities (*see details below)

 15min. lecture in a main assembly

Participation in one of the panel discussions

Enlarged exhibition space (2X6 / 4X4)

Enlarged logo in publications



Photos from the e-Commerce conference's decade celebrations 2023

Over 1,300 of Israel's e-commerce industry executives participated in the conference The Go E-Commerce held for the tenth time